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Gene Review

IGF1R  -  insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor

Bos taurus

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Disease relevance of IGF1R


High impact information on IGF1R

  • When quiescent cultures of bovine fibroblasts were stimulated with 10 nM IGF-I and total cell lysates immunoblotted with anti-phosphotyrosine antibody, we observed a band at approximately 97 kDa, representing the beta-subunit of the IGF-I receptor, and a predominant tyrosyl-phosphorylated species migrating as a broad band between 170 and 190 kDa [5].
  • These studies suggest that insulin, via interaction with insulin receptors on bovine fibroblasts, regulates IGF-I action at a step distal to IGF-I receptor binding and are consistent with desensitization occurring at an intracellular step in the mitogenic pathway shared by insulin and IGF-I [6].
  • In the present study, we use this model system to determine insulin and IGF-I receptor interplay in the regulation of proto-oncogenes involved in mitogenesis [7].
  • These findings demonstrate a cascade of insulin and IGF-I receptor tyrosine kinase-mediated pathways in the bovine luteal cell, manifested as increased activity of signal transduction enzymes and increased DNA synthesis [8].
  • The potential role of insulin and IGF-I receptor tyrosine kinases in the bovine luteal cell was investigated in terms of autophosphorylation of the receptor and phosphorylation of endogenous and exogenous substrates [8].

Biological context of IGF1R


Anatomical context of IGF1R


Associations of IGF1R with chemical compounds

  • Data from crosslinking experiments with and without neuraminidase treatment indicate that the binding subunits of the retinal IGF-I receptor exist in two subpopulations (Mr = 121- and 131 kDa), and that the larger of the two subunits has either a greater number or more exposed sialic acid residues [16].
  • IGF-I significantly increased thymidine incorporation, and its effect was completely inhibited by IGF-I receptor antibody [17].
  • Taken together, our results indicate not only the presence of both IGF-I and IGF-II/Man6P receptors on BAM, but also provide evidence of the linkage of the IGF-I receptor to the inositol phosphate system [18].

Regulatory relationships of IGF1R

  • IGF-I and IGF-II stimulated tyrosine kinase activity and autophosphorylation of the IGF-I receptor beta-subunit (Mr approximately 94,000) with equal potency (ED50 approximately 1 nM), whereas insulin was approximately 5 times less potent [19].

Other interactions of IGF1R


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of IGF1R


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