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Rhesus immunization after renal transplantation.

Previous reports, before the advent of cyclosporine, suggest that the small amount of blood transplanted with a kidney can result in rhesus D ( RhD) antibody production. We looked for retrospective and current evidence of primary RhD antibody production following renal transplantation in RhD-negative recipients of an RhD-positive kidney. Of 42 patients, all on triple immunosuppressive therapy, 2 (5%) were found to have an RhD antibody identified for the first time after transplantation. As the number of pregnancies in transplant recipients increases, the small risk of primary immunization and subsequent risk of hemolytic disease of the newborn will become more important. Therefore, we recommend that all RhD-negative women of child-bearing age receiving an RhD-positive solid organ transplant are given a prophylactic dose of 500 IU of anti-D immunoglobulin intramuscularly at the time of transplantation.[1]


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