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Effect of gel fibre on gastric emptying and absorption of glucose and paracetamol.

To determine the part played by altered gastric emptying in the modification of glucose absorption by gel fibres, glucose tolerance tests were done in seven healthy volunteers with and without the addition of pectin to the ingested glucose solution and after pharmacological inhibition of gastric emptying with propantheline. Compared with the controls, pectin significantly reduced blood-glucose. Propantheline had a similar but more pronounced effect. Pectin and guar gum did not substantially alter glucose tolerance in a patient who had had total gastrectomy. In a further investigation, gastric emptying and paracetamol absorption were studied simultaneously in fourteen subjects. In eight of these the study was repeated after addition of guar gum and pectin to the ingested paracetamol. Both gastric emptying and paracetamol absorption were slower after gel fibre but the total absorption of the drug, reflected in urinary recovery, was not significantly reduced. The results suggest that the effects of guar gum and pectin on glucose tolerance and paracetamol absorption could be due simply to alteration in the rate of gastric emptying.[1]


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