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Chromosomal mapping of the mouse A3 adenosine receptor gene, Adora3.

A3 adenosine receptor is a member of Gi protein-coupled receptors that mediate inhibition of adenylate cyclase activity upon binding to the ligand. We determined the chromosome localization of the mouse A3 gene for future genetic studies, utilizing an interspecific backcross panel formed from the cross (C57BL/6J x Mus spretus) F1 x M. spretus. Genomic DNAs from 94 individuals in the backcross were analyzed by Southern hybridization with murine A3 receptor cDNA probe. Unique map positions were determined by haplotype analysis with 1388 previously mapped loci in the mouse backcross. The mouse A3 receptor gene (Adora3) mapped to chromosome 3, in tight linkage with DNA marker D3Bir15.[1]


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