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Immunolocalization of X-arrestin in human cone photoreceptors.

X-arrestin is a recently identified retina-specific gene of unknown function. Affinity-purified anti-peptide antibody to human X-arrestin was prepared, and used in Western blot analysis of human retinal proteins and for immunohistochemistry on human retinal sections. By Western blot analysis, the antibody specifically bound to an approximately 47 kDa protein, and by indirect immunofluorescence specifically labeled cone photoreceptors with greatest intensity in their outer segments. In single and double label experiments, the localization of X-arrestin immunoreactivity was compared with immunolabeling patterns obtained with antibodies to red/green cone opsin, rhodopsin, and S-antigen. The results showed that X-arrestin is expressed in red-, green- and blue-sensitive cones in the human retina.[1]


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