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Association between 36- and 13.6-kDa alpha-like subunits of Arabidopsis thaliana RNA polymerase II.

Two subunits in RNA polymerase II (e.g. RPB3 and RPB11 in yeast) and two subunits common to RNA polymerases I and III (e.g. AC40 and AC19 in yeast) contain one or two motifs related to the alpha subunit in prokaryotic RNA polymerases. We have sequenced two different cDNAs (AtRPB36a and AtRPB36b), the two corresponding genes from Arabidopsis thaliana that are homologs of yeast RPB3, and an Arabidopsis cDNA (AtRPB13.6) that is a homolog of yeast RPB11. The B36a subunit is the predominant B36 subunit associated with RNA polymerase II purified from Arabidopsis suspension culture cells, and this subunit has a stoichiometry of about 1. Results from protein association assays showed that the B36a and B36b subunits did not associate, but each of these subunits did associate with the B13.6 subunit in vivo and in vitro. Two motifs in the B36b subunit related to the prokaryotic alpha subunit were shown to be required for the in vitro interactions with the B13.6 subunit. Our results suggest that the B36 and B13.6 subunits associate to form heterodimers in Arabidopsis RNA polymerase II like the AC40 and AC19 heterodimers reported for yeast RNA polymerases I and III but unlike the B44 homodimers reported for yeast RNA polymerase II.[1]


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