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Selective attenuation by N-0861 (N6-endonorboran-2-yl-9-methyladenine) of cardiac A1 adenosine receptor-mediated effects in humans.

BACKGROUND: To determine the adenosine receptor subtype selectivity of the novel antagonist N-0861, the A1 and A2 receptor-mediated cardiac effects of adenosine were investigated in 13 patients during continuous intravenous infusion and boluses of adenosine before and after intravenous infusion of N-0861. METHODS AND RESULTS: Measurements of the the atria-to-His (A-H) interval, chest pain severity, and coronary blood flow velocity were made before and after low-dose (69 microg x kg(-1) x min(-1)) intravenous infusion and bolus (2.5 mg) adenosine. Two doses of N-0861 were infused intravenously, and the adenosine protocol was repeated. N-0861 0.25 mg/kg abolished the negative dromotropic effect (A-H interval prolongation) and chest discomfort experienced during infusion of adenosine and attenuated discomfort observed during the boluses of adenosine; however, the increase in coronary blood flow velocity was not significantly affected. CONCLUSIONS: These actions of N-0861 support the concept that the negative dromotropic effect and anginalike pain caused by adenosine are A1 adenosine receptor-mediated, whereas the increase in coronary blood flow velocity is due to activation of A2 adenosine receptors. N-0861 appears to be an effective and selective A1 adenosine receptor antagonist in humans.[1]


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