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Blood Flow Velocity

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Associations of Blood Flow Velocity with chemical compounds

  • The coronary blood flow velocity at rest and in response to a hyperemic dose of papaverine was measured [29].
  • We also assessed the effect on coronary blood flow velocity of the addition of isometric handgrip during dipyridamole coronary dilation [30].
  • There was a consistent, dose-dependent fall in pulmonary blood flow velocity in response to three increasing doses of L-NMMA (compared with baseline, flow velocity fell to 75 +/- 7%, 62 +/- 8%, and 40 +/- 10%, P < .01) [31].
  • N-0861 0.25 mg/kg abolished the negative dromotropic effect (A-H interval prolongation) and chest discomfort experienced during infusion of adenosine and attenuated discomfort observed during the boluses of adenosine; however, the increase in coronary blood flow velocity was not significantly affected [14].
  • Ramiprilat increased both epicardial cross-sectional area and coronary blood flow velocity, resulting in an increase in absolute coronary blood flow [32].

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