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Detection of HOXA1 expression in human breast cancer.

Homeodomain-containing proteins are transcription factors that regulate the coordinated expression of multiple genes involved in development, differentiation and malignant transformation. To better understand the role played by these proteins in breast cancer cells, we demonstrate, using semi-quantitative RT-PCR experiments, that progestin induces HOXA1 mRNAs in MCF7 cells. This is the first evidence of regulation of a HOX gene by steroids. Moreover, we detected HOXA1 expression in a variety of human breast cancer lesions, suggesting that HOXA1 may be required for the establishment of breast cancer cells phenotype. We propose that HOXA1 gene could be one of the orchestrators that regulate breast epithelial cell differentiation and that alteration of HOXA1 expression could play a role in breast cancer progression.[1]


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