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A study on prevention of hospital infection control caused by tooth preparation dust in the dental clinic. Part 1. Preventive measures against environmental pollution in the dental clinic caused by microbial particles.

Tooth preparation dust, an indispensable part of dental treatment, contains bacteria and viruses. In order to examine environmental pollution in the dental clinic during tooth preparation, we monitored microorganism spread by counting colony forming units (CFU) with the "Andersen Microbe Sampler." This test was conducted in a "Clean Booth." Mitis-salivarius medium was used to count the oral-streptococcus species. The ability of the "Extra-Oral Vacuum Aspirator (EOVA)" to effectively eliminate contamination was also tested, and the EOVA was found to reduce the spread of oral-streptococci, significantly. The EOVA was therefore viewed as an effective method for reducing air pollution in the dental clinic, and should be used when treating patients with certain infectious diseases.[1]


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