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Early B-cell factor ( EBF) down-regulates immunoglobulin heavy chain intron enhancer function in a plasmacytoma cell line.

The immunoglobulin heavy chain intron enhancer contains two potential binding sites for early B-cell factor ( EBF). To investigate the functional properties of these, EBF was expressed in the EBF non- expressing S194 plasmacytoma cell line and found to down-regulate the activity of a co-transfected immunoglobulin heavy chain intron enhancer reporter construct. The expression of an unrelated reporter construct was unaltered. Dividing the immunoglobulin heavy chain intron enhancer into two subregions showed that the EBF mediated down-regulation of expression was mediated by at least two independent sites. These data indicate a role for EBF in the regulation of immunoglobulin gene expression.[1]


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