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DNA-based rhesus typing: simultaneous determination of RHC and RHD status using the polymerase chain reaction.

We describe a PCR-based method of performing RHD and C/c typing in a single reaction. The method is based on an earlier observation of a polymorphism in intron 2 of both genes which, in addition to detecting the RHD deletion responsible for most known D-negative phenotypes, is also associated with C/c serological type. Using this assay, we typed 105 unrelated individuals from at least four different population groups and compared the results to those obtained using conventional serological testing of red cells. An absolute correlation, with no exceptions, was seen. We also showed that the method has potential in the antenatal determination of RH type, as it was possible to type fetal trophoblasts recovered from the endocervical canal at 9 weeks pregnancy.[1]


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