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Brain chimeras in birds: application to the study of a genetic form of reflex epilepsy.

A strain of chicken, called here FEpi (for Fayoumi epileptic), bearing an autosomal recessive mutation, exhibits a form of reflex epilepsy with EEG interictal paroxysmal manifestations and generalized seizures in response to either light or sound stimulations. By using the brain chimera technology, we demonstrate here that the epileptic phenotype can be partially or totally transferred from an FEpi to a normal chick by grafting specific regions of the embryonic brain. The mesencephalon contains the generator of all epileptic manifestations whether they involve visual or auditory neuronal circuits, with the exception of the abnormal EEG which is transmitted exclusively by telencephalic grafts. This analysis supports the hypothesis that certain forms of human and mammalian epilepsies have a brainstem origin.[1]


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