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Interactions between geminivirus replication proteins.

Geminiviruses are small DNA viruses that replicate in the nuclei of infected plant cells. The closely related geminiviruses tomato golden mosaic virus and bean golden mosaic virus each encode a protein, AL1, that catalyzes the initiation of rolling-circle replication. Both viruses also specify a second replication protein, AL3, that greatly enhances the level of viral DNA accumulation. Using recombinant proteins produced in a baculovirus expression system, we showed that AL1 copurifies with a protein fusion of glutathione S-transferase (GST) and AL1, independent of the GST domain. Similarly, authentic AL3 cofractionates with a GST-AL3 fusion protein. These results demonstrated that both AL1 and AL3 form oligomers. Immunoprecipitation of protein extracts from insect cells expressing both AL1 and AL3 showed that the two proteins also complex with each other. None of the protein interactions displayed virus specificity; the tomato and bean golden mosaic virus proteins complexed with each other. The addition of heterologous replication proteins had no effect on the efficiency of geminivirus replication in transient-replication assays, suggesting that heteroprotein complexes might be functional. The significance of these protein interactions is discussed with respect to geminivirus replication in plant cells.[1]


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