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Rostral optic tectum acquires caudal characteristics following ectopic engrailed expression.

BACKGROUND. Expression of the homeobox-containing gene Engrailed (En) in an increasing rostral-to-caudal gradient in the dorsal mesencephalon is the earliest known marker for polarity of the chick optic tectum. In heterotopic transplantation experiments, En protein expression correlates well with the subsequent gradient of cytoarchitecture as well as the pattern of retinotectal projections. The En gradient also correlates with the expression of two putative retinal axon-guidance molecules, RAGS and ELF-1, which are Eph-like receptor tyrosine kinase ligands that may function in the establishment of retinotopic projections by excluding temporal axons from the caudal tectum. RESULTS. To examine the function of En in determining tectal polarity, we used the replication-competent retroviral vector RCAS to misexpress mouse En-1 throughout the chick tectal primordium. Our results show that the rostral portion of the tectum adopts a caudal phenotype: the gradient of cytoarchitectonic differentiation is abolished, and the molecular markers RAGS and ELF-1 are strongly expressed rostrally. In addition, cell membranes from rostral tectum of RCAS En-1-infected embryos preferentially repel temporal axons in in vitro membrane stripe assays. CONCLUSIONS. These results are consistent with a role for En in determining rostrocaudal polarity of the developing tectum. The demonstration that both RAGS and ELF-1 are upregulated following En misexpression provides a molecular basis for understanding the previous observation, also based on retrovirus-mediated En misexpression, that nasal axons form ectopic connections in rostral tectum, from which temporal axons are excluded.[1]


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