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Transplantation, Heterotopic

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  • Beta-catenin co-expression, heterotopic transplantation of CNC cells into the pharyngeal pouch area or both in combination failed to prevent neural differentiation of the grafts [2].
  • In order to verify the occurrence of regulatory signals and to test the neurogenic capabilities of cells from various regions of the ectoderm, we have carried out homotopic and heterotopic transplantations of single ectodermal cells [3].
  • In heterotopic transplantation experiments, En protein expression correlates well with the subsequent gradient of cytoarchitecture as well as the pattern of retinotectal projections [4].
  • METHODS: Three groups of PVG rat donor hearts were incubated with either 0.8 ml phosphate-buffered saline, (PBS, n=12) or 50 microM L-arginine polymer solutions of length five (R5, n=12) or nine (R9, n=12) prior to heterotopic transplantation into ACI recipients [5].
  • The heterotopic transplantation of a full-thickness gut wall graft from the ileum or colon of immunocompetent (C.B-17+/+, BALB/cdm2) donor mice onto immunodeficient scid mice selectively reconstituted a CD3+ T cell receptor alpha beta+ CD4+ T cell subset [6].

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