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Endothelins inhibit cyclic-AMP induced renin gene expression in cultured mouse juxtaglomerular cells.

We have recently described that endothelins-1 to -3 equipotently inhibit cAMP stimulated renin secretion from cultured mouse juxtaglomerular cells by a process involving phospholipase C activation. This study examined the influence of endothelin-2 on renin gene expression in renal juxtaglomerular cells. To this end we semiquantitated renin mRNA levels by competitive RT-PCR in primary cultures of mouse renal juxtaglomerular cells after 20 hours of incubation. We found that endothelin-2 (0.1 to 100 nmol/liter) did not change basal renin gene expression. The adenylate cyclase activator forskolin (3 mumol/ liter) increased renin mRNA levels to 400% of the controls and this stimulation was dose-dependently attenuated by ET-2 to 250% of the control value. The effect of ET-2 was mimicked by the ETB-receptor agonist sarafotoxin S6c. The kinase inhibitor staurosporine (100 nmol/ liter) increased renin secretion and renin mRNA levels. Combination of staurosporine with forskolin produced the same effects on renin secretion and renin mRNA levels as did staurosporine alone. In the presence of both forskolin and staurosporine ET-2 had no significant effect on renin secretion and renin gene expression. The phorbol ester PMA (30 nmol/ liter), which was used to stimulate protein kinase C activity, attenuated cAMP stimulated renin secretion and renin mRNA levels. Lowering the extracellular concentration of calcium by the addition of 1 mmol/liter EGTA did not inhibit the effect of ET-2 on cAMP induced renin secretion and renin gene expression. These findings suggest that endothelins inhibit cAMP stimulated renin gene expression by an event that is mediated via ETB receptors. This inhibitory effect may in part involve protein kinase C activation.[1]


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