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Gene Review

Edn2  -  endothelin 2

Mus musculus

Synonyms: ET-2, Endothelin-2, PPET2, Preproendothelin-2, VIC, ...
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Disease relevance of Edn2


High impact information on Edn2

  • The significant residual ET-1/ET-2 in the ECE-1(-/-); ECE-2(-/-) embryos indicates that proteases distinct from ECE-1 and ECE-2 can carry out ET-1 activation in vivo [4].
  • Taken together these observations suggest that VIC may have contractile properties, which can account for a controlled tonus, actively correlated with the cyclically changing forces acting on valves during diastole and systole [5].
  • Furthermore, bombesin, vasopressin, and VIC markedly increased the rate of phosphorylation of Raytide, a broad specificity tyrosine kinase peptide substrate, by decreasing (8 +/- 1.3-fold) the apparent Km of the kinase for the substrate [6].
  • Neuropeptides increased the labeling of p115 within seconds and with great potency; half-maximum concentrations were 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3 nM for bombesin, vasopressin, and VIC, respectively [6].
  • We also identified cGMP-dependent protein kinase II, a previously reported PGR-regulated gene, as a downstream target of ET-2 during ovulation [7].

Biological context of Edn2


Anatomical context of Edn2


Associations of Edn2 with chemical compounds

  • The endothelin-related peptide, vasoactive intestinal contractor, also elicited a rapid and concentration-dependent tyrosine/serine phosphorylation of a similar set of substrates [12].
  • Lowering the extracellular concentration of calcium by the addition of 1 mmol/liter EGTA did not inhibit the effect of ET-2 on cAMP induced renin secretion and renin gene expression [13].
  • The inhibitory effects of [D-Arg1,D-Phe5,D-Trp7,9,Leu 11] substance P on Ca2+ mobilization and DNA synthesis were reversed by increasing the concentration of VIC [14].
  • In this study, biphasic Ca(2+) signals elicited with endothelin (ET)-1, ET-2, ET-3, beta-ET, S6a1, and S6b (ET/S6) were measured by microspectrofluorimetric methods in cell suspensions loaded with Fura-2 acetoxymethylester (Fura-2 AM) [15].

Physical interactions of Edn2

  • This is the first time that a peptide structurally unrelated to ET1 or VIC is shown to block the binding and mitogenic effects of peptides of the endothelin family [14].

Regulatory relationships of Edn2


Other interactions of Edn2


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Edn2


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