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Neutral endopeptidase inhibition increases the potency of ANP in isolated rat pulmonary resistance vessels and isolated blood perfused lungs.

We have investigated the effects of the neutral endopeptidase inhibitor, SCH 42354, on the vasoreactivity of atrial natriuretic peptide ( ANP) in rat isolated pulmonary resistance vessels (PRV) and isolated perfused lungs (IPL). PRV (n = 37) were mounted onto the jaws of a myograph and precontracted with PGF2alpha (100 mu M). Concentration-responses to ANP (0.17 to 340 nM) were determined before and after the addition of SCH 42354 (10, 30 and 100 nM). Each concentration of SCH 42354 caused a significant increase in potency (- log EC50) of ANP in isolated PRV. Lungs from normoxic rats (n = 13) were isolated and perfused with whole blood. An increase in pulmonary artery pressure was achieved by ventilating with an hypoxic gas mixture and concentration-responses obtained by incremental additions of ANP (40 nM to 12 mu M), before and after the addition of SCH 42354 (100 nM). SCH 42354 significantly increased the potency (- log EC50) of ANP in the rat IPL. ANP is partly metabolized by NEP. That an inhibitor of NEP increased the potency of ANP in isolated pulmonary vessels, and in isolated perfused whole lungs, suggested that SCH 42354 may be having a local action within the pulmonary vasculature.[1]


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