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Mutations in the yeast SRB2 general transcription factor suppress hpr1-induced recombination and show defects in DNA repair.

We have obtained genetic and molecular evidence that the hrs2-1 mutation, isolated as a suppressor of the hyperrecombination phenotype of hpr1 delta, is in the SRB2 gene, which encodes a component of the RNA polII holoenzyme. A newly constructed srb2 delta allele restores the wild-type levels of deletions in hpr1 delta cells, indicating that the lack of a functional SRB2 transcription factor suppresses recombination between direct repeats. These results suggest a direct connection between transcription and recombination between DNA repeats. On the other hand, the hrs2-1 mutation (renamed srb2-101), in which Gly150 has been changed to Asp, makes cells sensitive to long MMS treatments, a phenotype observed for the srb2 delta null allele only in a hpr1 delta background. This indicates that mutations in the basal transcription factor SRB2 impair DNA repair of MMS-induced damage, which adds a new connection between transcription and DNA repair. We discuss the possibility that hpr1- induced deletions occurred as a consequence of a SRB2-dependent stalled or blocked transcription complex.[1]


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