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Regulation of the EDG84A gene by FTZ-F1 during metamorphosis in Drosophila melanogaster.

The transcription factor FTZ-F1 is a member of the nuclear hormone receptor superfamily and is transiently expressed during the mid- and late prepupal periods in Drosophila melanogaster. A putative pupal cuticle gene, EDG84A, is expressed slightly following FTZ-F1 expression during the prepupal period and carries a strong FTZ-F1 binding site between bases 100 and 92 upstream of its transcription start site. In this study, EDG84A mRNA was found to be prematurely expressed upon heat induction of FTZ-F1 in prepupae carrying the heat shock promoter-FTZ-F1 cDNA fusion gene construct. Transgenic fly lines having the 0.8-kb region of the EDG84A promoter fused to lacZ expressed the reporter gene in a tissue- and stage-specific manner. Base substitutions in the FTZ-F1 binding site within the 0.8-kb promoter abolished expression of lacZ. These results strongly suggest that the EDG84A gene is a direct target of FTZ-F1. Deletion studies of the cis-regulatory region of the EDG84A gene revealed that space-specific expression in imaginal disc-derived epidermis is controlled by the region between bp -408 and -104 from the transcription start site. The region between bp -408 and -194 is necessary to repress expression in a posterior part of the body, while the region between bp -193 and -104 carries a positive element for activation in an anterior part of the body. These results suggest that FTZ-F1 governs expression of the EDG84A gene in conjunction with putative tissue-specific regulators.[1]


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