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Monoclonal antibodies that specifically recognize crystals of dinitrobenzene.

Monoclonal antibodies have been elicited and selected after injection of crystals of 1,4-dinitrobenzene (1,4-DNB) and cholesterol monohydrate in mice. The reactivity of some of these antibodies to 1,4-DNB crystals, cholesterol monohydrate crystals, and other solid substrates has been characterized. Two of the antibodies selectively recognize 1,4-DNB crystal surfaces in an appropriately modified ELISA. They do not interact either with 1,4-DNB/BSA conjugates or with polystyrene and cholesterol monohydrate surfaces. They do interact with 1,2-DNB crystal surfaces, albeit with much lower reactivity. It is consequently suggested that these antibodies are not specific to the DNB molecule but rather to a repetitive motif of molecular moieties exposed at the crystal surfaces. Characterization of their binding regions may help to elucidate the interactions of antibodies with solid substrates and, in general, with antigens exposed on biological and artificial surfaces.[1]


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