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The view of the glottis at laryngoscopy after unexpectedly difficult placement of the laryngeal mask.

In 12 patients to whom a non-depolarising neuromuscular relaxant had been given and in whom placement of the laryngeal mask had failed unexpectedly, the view of the larynx at laryngoscopy and the ease of tracheal intubation were examined. The glottis was only partially seen at laryngoscopy in three patients and was not seen at all in another three patients. Tracheal intubation was difficult in three of them. It would appear that in some patients both placement of the laryngeal mask and tracheal intubation are difficult. It is thus inadvisable to paralyse patients electively and rely on the laryngeal mask to secure a clear airway when tracheal intubation is predicted to be difficult.[1]


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