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Field and laboratory studies on the timing of oviposition and hatching of the western black-legged tick, Ixodes pacificus (Acari: Ixodidae).

The timing of oviposition and hatching of Ixodes pacificus was investigated in the field and at constant temperatures in the laboratory. Replete females held at temperatures between 9 and 29 degrees C began depositing eggs a mean of 9-70 days after drop off. Egg masses held between 12 and 25 degrees C commenced hatching 25-178 days after the onset of oviposition. Eggs held at 9 or 29 degrees C did not hatch. The lower temperature thresholds for development (LTD) for oviposition and hatching were 6.5 and 9 degrees C, respectively. The number of degree days required for oviposition and hatching was 173 and 588, respectively. Replete females placed in the field on 2 December through to 8 March deposited eggs from 2 February through to 24 April; the eggs commenced hatching between 2 July and 21 August. Unfed larvae from two of 20 egg masses survived through the winter and fed readily when exposed to deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus) on 22 April. Replete larvae were returned to the field and moulted between 9 and 21 August. Larvae exposed to deer mice in August, 4 weeks after hatching, also fed readily. Although further studies are needed to clarify the timing of nymphal development, the present study suggests that I. pacificus requires more than 1 year to complete its life cycle.[1]


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