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Application of an HLA-B PCR-SSOP typing method to a bone marrow donor registry.

A previously reported HLA-B PCR-SSOP typing method has been applied to those individuals, from the local bone marrow registry, with only one detectable HLA-B antigen by serology. The PCR-SSOP method detected the serologically defined HLA-B antigen in all cases. In addition, PCR-SSOP detected the presence of a second HLA-B allele in 19.9% of these individuals. The method was also applied to all individuals where serology could only determine the HLA-B antigen as a broad specificity. All antigens were split by the PCR-SSOP method, indicating that the method is more specific than serology. Using a combination of PCR-SSOP and serologically determined types for 5000 individuals on the local bone marrow registry, HLA-B frequencies for the Northern Ireland population have been calculated.[1]


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