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Organization and transcription of the gene encoding potato UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase.

The organization of the gene encoding potato UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase, one of the key enzymes of carbohydrate metabolic pathway is presented. The gene cloned from cultivar (cv.) Lemhi consists of a 6.6-kb structural and a 1-kb regulatory region. The structural region contains 20 exons and 19 introns. The coding sequence with exception of three bases is identical with the UGPase cDNA previously cloned from Danshaku-Imo cv. [Katsube et al. (1990) UDP-Glucose pyrophosphorylase from potato tuber: cDNA cloning and sequencing. J. Biochem. 108, 321-326]. The largest intron contains a tandem repeat consisting of 50 nt core units. A putative polyadenylation site is situated 79 bp downstream of the translation stop codon. A transcription start point (tsp) and a putative TATA-box were located 84 bp and 141 bp upstream of the translation start, respectively. The regulatory region contained general enhancer, suppressor, and regions responsible for tissue specificity of UGPase expression.[1]


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