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Negative relationship between blood concentrations of follicle-stimulating hormone and testicular size in mature boars.

Relationships between blood concentration of FSH and testicular size and daily sperm production were evaluated with data obtained from five studies originally designed to investigate regulation of FSH secretion in Meishan (MS), White composite (WC), and crossbreds of these. A minimum of three blood samples/boar were obtained at greater than 4-d intervals for determination of FSH, and testes were obtained at castration or slaughter. In a random sample of boars, FSH was fivefold greater (P < .01) in MS than in WC boars (n = 22/group). Daily sperm production (DSP)/gram of testis (estimated by counting elongated spermatid nuclei in testicular homogenates) was similar in the groups, but testicular weight (TWT), adjusted for body weight, was less (P < .01) in MS than in WC, yielding lower total daily sperm production (TDSP; P < .05) in MS boars. In four populations (one with MS, one with WC, and two with crossbreds; n = 34 males), boars were selected for extremes in FSH concentrations from larger groups. Across all populations, a threefold greater plasma FSH concentration was associated with a 32% smaller TWT (P < .01). Coincident with increased FSH, TDSP was 33% less (P < .05). In 48 MS x WC boars that were selected for divergence in plasma FSH during pubertal development (4 to 6 mo of age), this divergence was retained at 1 yr (P < .01). Retrospectively, the divergence in FSH was also apparent at 2 and 8 wk of age (P < .05), and the boars with elevated FSH had smaller testicles, lower DSP, and lower TDSP (P < .01). These studies document a negative relationship in mature boars between FSH secretion and testicular size accompanied with decreased TDSP.[1]


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