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Surgical treatment of penile cancer: a follow-up report.

One hundred and fifteen patients with penile cancer were treated at Roswell Park Memorial Institute from 1952 to 1975. A full follow-up is reported and factors involving the prognosis are analyzed. Although the clinical error of staging was near 30%, the lymphography results suggest that this study may result in added improvement in preoperative staging. Early diagnosis, adequate surgical resection, and lymph node dissection will improve the survival significantly. When dealing with an individual patient the prognosis is poor when any one or more of the follow factors are present: the lesion involves the shaft; there is a positive margin at the surgical resection; total penectomy is necessary to obtain tumor-free margin; lymphography is positive for tumor involvement of lymph nodes; lymph node dissection has not been performed; positive lymph nodes are found on surgical exploration. The good prognostic factors include: a lesion confined to the glans and partial penectomy is sufficient to obtain a tumor-free margin of resection; no clinical evidence (including lymphography) of lymph node invovlement; performance of lymph node dissection. The histological grading of the tumor should not influence the clinical decision for treatment in our opinion at this time, based on our current results. Further prospective studies of different factors involved in etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of penile cancer are suggested.[1]


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