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Gene context of Lymphography

  • The predictive value of a negative diagnosis was 73% for lymphography, 67% for CT, 61% for ultrasound and 65% for AFP/HCG; the predictive value of a positive diagnosis was 58, 85, 69 and 81% respectively [26].
  • The sensitivity was 71% for bipedal lymphography, 41% for computed tomography (CT), 31% for abdominal ultrasound and 37% for alpha-fetoprotein/human chorionic gonadotrophin (AFP/HCG) [26].
  • Pulmonary function tests were done on 15 patients before and after bipedal lymphangiography [27].
  • The value of lymphography for the TNM classification of renal carcinoma [28].
  • In order to investigate the possibility of lymphatic disruption occurring during varicose vein surgery, lymphangiography performed by a modification of the Kinmonth technique was done in seven patients before and after standard surgical ablation of primary varicose veins [29].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Lymphography


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