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Effect of nitrous oxide on cerebral blood velocity while reclining and standing.

Cerebral blood velocity (CBV) (measured with transcranial Doppler, TCD) and other physiological and rating scale indices were measured before, during, and after inhaling a mixture of 40% nitrous oxide/oxygen and 40% nitrogen/oxygen, given during two separate visits in 7 normal male volunteers. During nitrous oxide/oxygen but not nitrogen/oxygen inhalation, CBV and euphoria increased significantly with minimal changes in other physiological indices except an increase in pulse rate after nitrous oxide/oxygen. In another 7 male volunteers, similar measurements were obtained while lying down and standing up during nitrous oxide/oxygen mixture and nitrogen/oxygen mixture inhalations, given during two separate visits. Nitrous oxide/oxygen inhalation produced significant CBV increase, which showed nonsignificant decrease of no clinical significance during standing up. There were no significant postural changes in blood pressure. Standing up during nitrous oxide/oxygen inhalation was associated with significant though mild dizziness.[1]


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