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Nationwide survey of fluoroscopy: radiation dose and image quality.

PURPOSE: To determine the average abdominal entrance air kerma, low-contrast sensitivity, and spatial resolution in upper gastrointestinal tract fluoroscopy in the United States. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A random sample of fluoroscopic facilities was selected to be surveyed for the Nationwide Evaluation of X-ray Trends program. Measurements were performed by using a newly developed fluoroscopic phantom. The surveys were conducted by state radiation control personnel. RESULTS: Average air kerma rates 1 cm above the tabletop, free in air, were 43 mGy/min (n = 340). The rate increased to 64 mGy/min when a 1.6-mm-thick copper filter, which simulated the use of barium contrast medium, was added to increase attenuation. The average entrance air kerma, free in air, for radiographs was 3.4 mGy, and an average of 12 radiographs were obtained per examination. Of 352 facilities surveyed, 306 (87%) were able to resolve wire mesh with 20 or more lines per inch. Of 339 facilities for which percentage contrast could be calculated, 192 (57%) had minimum percentage contrast values of 4% or more. CONCLUSION: Spatial resolution for fluoroscopy is adequate for most of the facilities surveyed, but a substantial proportion of facilities could not visualize low-contrast test objects, which strongly suggests image quality problems.[1]


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