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A new member of the ETS family fused to EWS in Ewing tumors.

As a result of chromosome translocations, the EWS gene is fused to a variety of transcription factors in human solid neoplasia. In Ewing tumors EWS can be fused to four different members of the ETS family, namely FLI-1, ERG, ETV1 and E1AF. We have identified a new member of the ETS family, called FEV, which is fused to EWS in a subset of Ewing tumors. FEV encodes a 238 amino acid protein which contains an ETS DNA binding domain closely related to that of FLI-1 and ERG. However, the N-terminal portion of FEV is only 42 amino acids long which suggests that FEV is lacking important transcription regulatory domains contained in FLI-1 and ERG N-terminal parts. The C-terminal end of FEV is rich in alanine residues which may indicate that FEV is a transcription repressor. The FEV gene is encoded by three exons and is located on chromosome 2. FEV expression was only detected in adult prostate and small intestine but not in other adult nor in fetal tissues, thus indicating that FEV has a restricted expression pattern. Following a scheme similar to previously described translocations in Ewing tumors, a t(2;22) chromosome translocation fuses the N-terminal domain of EWS to the ETS DNA binding domain of FEV.[1]


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