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MR arterial portography with gadolinium-DOTA: analysis of nontumoral perfusion abnormalities.

The purpose of this article was to determine the frequency and imaging characteristics of nontumoral perfusion abnormalities observed on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) obtained during arterial portography (MRAP). MRAP examinations done in 23 consecutive patients with malignant hepatic tumors were retrospectively and blindly reviewed by two readers for the presence of nontumoral perfusion abnormalities. MR Images were assessed for the presence, location, shape, and type of nontumoral perfusion abnormalities, and correlated with intraoperative findings or follow-up imaging studies. Fourteen nontumoral perfusion abnormalities were found in 10 patients (43%). Nontumoral perfusion abnormalities were categorized into these five types: triangular nontumoral perfusion defects not associated with a more proximal tumor (n = 6), triangular nontumoral perfusion abnormalities distal to a tumor (n = 2), hypoperfusion involving 1 or >1 segment (n = 2), hyperenhancement of the posterior part of the right hemiliver (n = 2), and gravity-effect-related perfusion abnormality (n = 2). Nontumoral perfusion abnormalities are seen frequently on MRAP examination. Recognition of these abnormalities remains crucial to avoid misdiagnosis.[1]


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