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Insulin second messengers.

The molecular pathways for insulin's signal transduction from its cell surface receptor to the cell's interior metabolic machinery remain in many ways uncharted. Lately two molecules have been proposed as second messengers transducing the insulin signal into the target cell. One is a phospho-oligosaccharide/inositolphosphoglycan and the other is diacylglycerol, both deriving from the same plasma membrane glycolipid, which is hydrolysed in response to insulin treatment. The phospho-oligosaccharide appears to mediate many metabolic effects of insulin through control of the phosphorylation state of key regulatory metabolic enzymes. Diacylglycerol may mediate insulin's stimulation of glucose transport over the plasma membrane. The glycolipid precursor of these putative second messengers, as well as the receptor for insulin, appear to be localized in caveolae microdomains of the plasma membrane, and glucose transporters accumulate in caveolae in response to insulin treatment, suggesting a focal role for caveolae in insulin signalling.[1]


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