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Kinetics of piperacillin and tazobactam in ventricular cerebrospinal fluid of hydrocephalic patients.

Its broad antibacterial spectrum qualifies the combination of piperacillin and tazobactam for therapy of nosocomial bacterial central nervous system (CNS) infections. Since these infections sometimes are accompanied by only minor dysfunction of the blood-cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) barrier, patients with noninflammatory occlusive hydrocephalus who had undergone external ventriculostomy were studied (n = 9; age range, 48 to 75 years). After administration of the first dose of piperacillin (6 g)-tazobactam (0.5 g) over 30 min intravenously, serum and CSF were drawn repeatedly and analyzed by high-performance liquid chromatography. Pharmacokinetics were determined by noncompartmental analysis. Maximum concentrations of piperacillin in CSF ranged from 8.67 to <0.37 mg/liter (median, 3.42 mg/liter), and those of tazobactam ranged from 1.37 to 0.11 mg/liter (median, 0.45 mg/liter). CSF maxima were observed, in median, 1.5 and 2 h after the end of the infusion. Elimination in CSF was considerably slower than in serum (median half-life at beta phase for piperacillin, 5.9 h in CSF versus 1.47 h in serum; for tazobactam, 6.1 h versus 1.34 h). For tazobactam, the ratio of the area under the concentration-time curve (AUC) in CSF to the AUC in serum was approximately three times as high as that for piperacillin (medians, 0.106 versus 0.034). In view of the tazobactam concentrations in CSF observed in this study, the practice of using a constant concentration of 4 mg of tazobactam per liter for MIC determination is inadequate for intracranial infections. Larger amounts of tazobactam than the standard dose of 0.5 g three times daily may be necessary for CNS infections.[1]


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