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Disease relevance of Ventriculostomy


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Chemical compound and disease context of Ventriculostomy


Biological context of Ventriculostomy


Anatomical context of Ventriculostomy

  • The patient underwent endoscopic fenestration of the quadrigeminal cistern arachnoid cyst and third ventriculostomy via one burr hole placed at the coronal suture [16].
  • We conclude that the presence of a CSF flow void in the anterior/inferior third ventricle on a postoperative MR examination is sufficient to document patency of a third ventriculostomy [17].

Associations of Ventriculostomy with chemical compounds


Gene context of Ventriculostomy

  • The majority of infections were associated with indwelling ventriculostomy tubes or CSF fistulae in patients receiving antimicrobial therapy [22].
  • Risk factors for CSF infection included duration of monitoring greater than 5 days (RR 4.0 (1.3-11.9)); presence of ventriculostomy (RR 3.4 (1.0-10.7)); CSF leak (RR 6.3 (1.5-27.4)); concurrent systemic infection (RR 3.4 (1.2-9.5)); or serial ICPM (RR 4.9 (1. 7-13.8)) [23].
  • CISS imaging and T2-weighted imaging were equally useful for monitoring postoperative changes in the sizes of ventricles or cysts and the presence of flow voids after third ventriculostomies [24].
  • The SAB is shown to be relatively inaccurate with a wide range of variance, while the SAC is demonstrated to be an accurate, reliable, and safe method of continuous ICP measurement and an acceptable alternative to ventriculostomy [25].
  • All patients had Glasgow Coma Scale scores of 8 or lower at 6 hours postinjury and were initially treated with ventriculostomy [26].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ventriculostomy


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