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Functional analysis of the interaction between Afr1p and the Cdc12p septin, two proteins involved in pheromone-induced morphogenesis.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae mating pheromones induce production of Afr1p, a protein that negatively regulates pheromone receptor signaling and is required for normal formation of the projection of cell growth that becomes the site of cell fusion during conjugation. Afr1p interacts with Cdc12p, which belongs to a family of filament-forming proteins termed septins that have been studied primarily for their role in bud morphogenesis and cytokinesis. The significance of the interaction between Afr1p and Cdc12p was tested in this study by examining the effects of AFR1 mutations that destroy the Cdc12p-binding domain. The results demonstrate that sequences in the C-terminal half of Afr1p are required for interaction with Cdc12p and for proper localization of Afr1p to the base of the mating projection. However, the Cdc12p-binding domain was not required for regulation of receptor signaling or for mating projection formation. This result was surprising because cells carrying a temperature-sensitive cdc12-6 mutation were defective in projection formation, indicating a role for Cdc12p in this process. Although the Cdc12p- binding domain was no essential for Afr1p function, this domain did improve the ability of Afr1p to promote morphogenesis, suggesting that the proper localization of Afr1p is important for its function.[1]


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