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Alterations of cardiac alpha 1-adrenoceptor subtypes in hypothyroid rats.

1. Alterations in the cardiac alpha 1-adrenoceptor and its subtypes in hypothyroid rats were studied by radioligand binding assays and reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). Hypothyroidism was created by feeding rats with 0.2% 2-thiouracil solution instead of daily drinking water for 20 days. 2. The density of cardiac alpha 1-adrenoceptors (Bmax) was increased from 67.5 +/- 4.3 fmol/mg in control rats to 81.1 +/- 7.2 fmol/mg (P < 0.05) in hypothyroid rats. 3. Compared with control rats, in hypothyroid rats the percentages of high-affinity sites for (+)-niguldipine and 5-methylurapidil were increased from 13.8 +/- 5.6 and 31.9 +/- 6.3%, respectively, to 24.9 +/- 7.3 and 45.5 +/- 2.4%, respectively (both P < 0.05), while those for BMY7378 were decreased from 37.2 +/- 8.9 to 23.8 +/- 8.4% (P < 0.05), respectively. The percentage of high-affinity sites for WB4101 was not significantly different in control and hypothyroid rats (43.3 +/- 9.1 and 39.4 +/- 3.6%, respectively). 4. Reverse transcription-PCR experiments revealed that the steady state levels of mRNA for alpha 1A- and alpha 1B-adrenoceptors were increased, while those for alpha 1D-adrenoceptor were decreased in the hearts of hypothyroid rats. 5. The concentration-contraction response curves for noradrenaline in the presence of a beta-adrenoceptor antagonist in control and hypothyroid rats showed that the maximal response was reduced from 344 +/- 58 to 200 +/- 23 mg, respectively (P < 0.05). 6. The data suggest that in hypothyroid rats the total number of cardiac alpha 1-adrenoceptors is increased. The change is subtype-selective, with levels of alpha 1A- and alpha 1B-adrenoceptors being increased and levels of alpha 1D-adrenoceptors being reduced. Furthermore, the positive inotropic response mediated by alpha 1-adrenoceptors is reduced in hypothyroid rats.[1]


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