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Cloning and mutational analysis of the gene for the stationary-phase inducible catalase (catC) from Pseudomonas putida.

Pseudomonas putida, a bacterium that colonizes plant roots and enhances plant growth, produces three isozymes of catalase (A, B, and C) in stationary-phase cells. A catalase probe, generated by PCR analysis of P. putida genomic DNA with oligomers based on typical catalase sequences, hybridized to a genomic clone that expressed catalase C in Escherichia coli. The catC gene from this clone had a 2,133-bp open reading frame with a high level of identity to the stationary-phase-specific E. coli katE. Chromosomal mutants of P. putida deficient in catalase C, obtained by gene interruption with a luxAB-npt cassette, demonstrated enhanced catC transcription in stationary-phase cells and, upon exposure to phenol, in logarithmic-phase cells. The catalase C-deficient cells were not impaired in their ability to colonize roots of bean or wheat plants grown under sterile conditions.[1]


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