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Effect of aromatic nitroso-compounds on superoxide-generating activity in neutrophils.

Aromatic nitroso-compounds such as nitrosobenzene inhibited the respiratory burst of intact neutrophils induced by various stimulants, including phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate and a chemotactic peptide. The compounds also inhibited NADPH-dependent oxygen consumption by cell-free preparations of neutrophils. This indicates that nitroso-compounds act directly on the NADPH-oxidase system. The inhibitory effects induced by several nitroso-compounds, 2-nitrosotoluene, nitrosobenzene, 4-nitrosophenol, and 1-nitrosopyrrolidine, were examined and their inhibition constants, the concentrations causing 50% reduction of oxygen consumption, were found to be 0.043, 0.173, 0.672, and 32.1 mM, respectively. These values correlated well with the hydrophobicity of the compounds: a more hydrophobic compound was a more potent inhibitor against NADPH oxidase, suggesting that the oxidase has a hydrophobic site(s) for interaction with the inhibitors.[1]


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