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Pertubation of B and T cell development and predisposition to lymphomagenesis in Emu Bmi1 transgenic mice require the Bmi1 RING finger.

Proviral activation of the Bmi1 gene has implicated Bmi1 as a collaborator of c-Myc in lymphomagenesis. To determine the effect of Bmi1 overexpression on hematopoiesis and lymphomagenesis transgenic mice were generated that overexpress different forms of the Bmi1 protein in their lymphoid compartment. Emu Bmi1 transgenic mice, overexpressing the wild type Bmi1 protein showed a perturbed lymphoid development and were highly susceptible to B and T cell lymphomagenesis. Mutational analysis of the Bmi1 protein demonstrated that the conserved N-terminal RING finger and central part of Bmi1 are essential for its oncogenic potential whereas the C-terminal Pro-Ser rich region is not required. We have used provirus tagging in the Emu Bmi1 mice to identify genes that cooperate with Bmi1 in lymphomagenesis. MoMLV infection in Emu Bmi1 transgenic mice accelerated lymphoma development. Proviral activation of the Pim and Myc genes but not the Gfi1 gene were frequently observed in these tumors. These results demonstrate that Bmi1 is a potent oncogene and suggest that it plays an important role in early lymphoid development.[1]


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