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Nucleotide sequence of a 5423 base pairs fragment of the LsNPV genome and comparison with the AcNPV genome.

A 5423 bp fragment of LsNPV genome was sequenced, in which PDV-E66 gene and another four ORFs were found. The PDV-E66 gene of LsNPV was compared with the PDV-E66 gene of AcNPV, and a 51.9% nucleotide sequence homology and 38.8% amino acid sequence homology were found between the two genes. Two conserved late transcriptional motifs TAAG were found in LsNPV PDV-E66 gene, similar to those in AcNPV PDV-E66. The LsNPV PDV-E66 ORF is 204 base pairs shorter than the AcNPV PDV-E66 ORF at the 5' end. This is agreement with the fact that the N-terminus of the AcNPV PDV-E66 mature protein is 69 amino acids interior to the N-terminus predicted by the AcNPV PDV-E66 ORF. The 5' regulatory region of ORF1 contains early (CGTGC) and late (TAAG) transcriptional initiation motifs and ORF1 is predicted to encode a protein with 114 amino acid residues. The 5' regulatory region of ORF2 which can encode a protein with 115 amino acid residues contains only an early transcriptional initiation motif. Compared with all the genes from AcNPV and other baculoviruses, ORF1 and ORF2 have no homologous genes. It is suggested that ORF1 and ORF2 may be two novel baculovirus genes. ORF3 (PDV-E66 gene), ORF5 and an incomplete ORF, ORF6-part, have homologous regions in the AcNPV genome. ORF3, ORF5, ORF6-part are linked together in LsNPV genome, but their homologous regions are separated by about 58 kb fragment in the AcNPV genome. This fact indicates that the organization of the above genes in LsNPV is different from that of AcNPV. ORF4 is included in ORF6-part and can encode a 48 amino acid residues polypeptide, but ORF4 and ORF6-part are located on different DNA strands.[1]


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