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The alpha chemokine, interleukin 8, inhibits the antiviral action of interferon alpha.

Interferon ( IFN) exhibits a potent antiviral activity in vitro and plays a major role in the early defense against viruses. Like IFN, the proinflammatory chemokine, interleukin (IL)-8, is induced by viruses and appears in circulation during viral infections. In an in vitro cytopathic effect assay for IFN, we found that IL-8 can inhibit IFN-alpha activity in a dose-dependent manner. This action was reversed by specific monoclonal antibodies to IL-8. The chemokine was able to attenuate the IFN-mediated inhibition of viral replication as determined by measuring infectious virus yield. IL-8 also diminished the ability of IFN to inhibit an early stage of viral replication since IL-8 attenuated the inhibition of the formation of viral proteins. It appeared that IL-8 interfered with a late rather than an early step of IFN-mediated pathway such as early gene expression. The IL-8 inhibitory action on IFN-alpha antiviral activity was associated with reduced 2',5'-A oligoadenylate synthetase activity, a pathway well correlative with the anti- encephalomyocarditis virus action of IFN-alpha. Understanding pathways that antagonize IFN action may lead to novel approaches to potentiate endogenous and therapeutic IFN.[1]


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