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Development of a custom designed TAH using rapid prototyping.

The failure of the orthotopic implantation of a totally implantable artificial heart (TAH) was due mainly to anatomic mismatches in the conduits of the conventional TAH system. To overcome this anatomic incompatibility, a custom design and fabrication process was designed using the rapid prototyping (RP) technique. After three dimensional reconstruction of magnetic resonance imaging of the thoracic cavity and vascular remnants of the recipient, study of anatomic fit was done using the reconstructed thoracic model and three dimensional computer aided design ( CAD) model. The direction of the inflow and outflow conduits of the blood sac was changed with a Unigraphics CAD. The RP model of the designed chamber was fabricated and examined for anatomic compatibility. Through this approach, the minute directional mismatch of the inflow and outflow conduits was improved. Thus, a new custom designed moving actuator Korean TAH with CAD and RP techniques was developed.[1]


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