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Heart, Artificial

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  • Measurement of beta-thromboglobulin and platelet factor 4 to follow up patients with artificial heart valves [20].
  • In this paper we investigate the biostability of a series of Biolon blood sacs that were utilized in electric total artificial hearts for time periods of up to 19 weeks [21].
  • The data presented are a brief summary of The International Registry for Mechanical Ventricular Assist Pumps and Artificial Hearts and a summary of the personal experience of the Minnesota Thoracic Associates at the Minneapolis Heart Institute with the use of the Sams centrifugal pump from May 1985 to September 1994 [22].
  • Static state hemodynamic variables estimation model for the moving-actuator type total artificial heart. Part. I--cardiac output estimation [23].
  • A polymethylmethacrylate total artificial heart (kinetic components made of polyetherurethane) of TNS Brno II type was implanted into seven calves (2-5 months of age) surviving for the average of 152.4 +/- 19.1 days after the implantation [24].

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