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cSox21 exhibits a complex and dynamic pattern of transcription during embryonic development of the chick central nervous system.

cSox21 is a novel member of the Sox gene family of transcription factors. This gene is a member of the subgroup B, which includes Sox1, Sox2 and Sox3. Although all of these genes are predominantly expressed in the nervous system, only cSox21 expression is positionally restricted within the CNS. Longitudinal stripes are seen in the spinal cord and a more complex pattern is seen in the brain. The timing and position in which cSox21 stripes of expression appear provides further insight into dorsoventral patterning of the CNS. The expression of cSox21, and other genes (such as Delta, Serrate and Pax genes), may play a part in defining the developmental fate of cells along the dorsoventral axis.[1]


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