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Titers of murine leukemia virus are higher in brains of SAMP8 than SAMR1 mice.

To elucidate possible causes of premature aging seen in a strain of senescence-accelerated prone (SAMP8) mice, levels of murine leukemia virus (MuLV) were quantitated in various tissues of SAMP8 by an SC-1/UV plaque assay. MuLV levels in SAMP8 tissues were compared to those seen in the closely related SAMR1 strain, which is resistant to premature aging. MuLV titers were found to be higher in blood and spleen and much higher in brain of SAMP8 than in the same tissues of SAMR1. MuLV levels were seen to increase in SAMP8 brain with increasing age. Virus typing experiments indicated that the MuLV from SAMP8 brain is N-tropic, as is the MuLV seen in the AKR strain, one of the SAM progenitor strains. MuLV from SAMP8 brain was able to grow well in SAMR1 mouse embryo cells, indicating that it may be possible to infect SAMR1 mice with the SAMP8 MuLV to determine the effects of the virus on aging of SAMR1 mice.[1]


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