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Effects of aminoguanidine and L-NAME on histamine-induced blood pressure drop in the rat.

Mean arterial blood pressure changes in response to i.v. administration of histamine were monitored in the anaesthetized rat in the absence or presence of the diamine oxidase ( DAO) inhibitor aminoguanidine (AMG, 10 mg kg-1). AMG prolonged the duration of the transient drop in blood pressure induced by a bolus injection of histamine (0.05 mg kg-1) by 34%. In animals pretreated with AMG, no potentiation of the decrease in pressure in response to a 10 min infusion of histamine was observed. However, when infusion was stopped, the time needed for pressure recovery was twice as long in animals treated with AMG as in controls. Blood samples were taken prior to infusion and during the recovery phase and the quantities of histamine were determined by liquid chromatography. The prolonged recovery phase observed in animals pretreated with AMG was associated with five times higher levels of histamine. The duration of histamine-induced hypotension (0.01 mg kg-1) was 50% shorter in the presence of the nitric oxide synthase inhibitor L-NAME (10 mg kg-1). We suggest that DAO, through elimination of histamine from the bloodstream, is important for the recovery from histamine-induced hypotension, and that the duration of histamine-induced pressure drop is influenced by formation of nitric oxide.[1]


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