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Association between immunisation, reduced weight gain and plasma cortisol concentrations in juvenile Baltic salmon (Salmo salar).

The changes in plasma cortisol levels, immune response parameters and growth of juvenile Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) were monitored during a 50 days period following a DNP-HSA (di-nitrophenyl human serum albumin) immunisation program. Antibody titers rose significantly after a single immunisation. An increased plasma cortisol concentration was observed in association with injection of both antigen and saline. A single injection had a significant negative effect on growth of fish and fish subjected to 2 injections with a 25 days interval had an even larger growth reduction. The plasma cortisol concentration and the specific antibody response were compared at an individual level but no correlation was found. Total serum protein increased during the experimental period independently of immunisation. In contrast the total serum immunoglobulin 50 days after the first immunisation was clearly connected to antigen exposure. The observations are discussed in relation to immunophysiological changes during immunisation and stress induction.[1]


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