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Mammalian DNA topoisomerase IIIalpha is essential in early embryogenesis.

Targeted disruption of the mouse TOP3alpha gene encoding DNA topoisomerase IIIalpha was carried out to study the physiological functions of the mammalian type IA DNA topoisomerase. Whereas heterozygous top3alpha+/- mutant mice were found to resemble phenotypically their TOP3alpha+/+ litermates, no viable top3alpha-/- homozygotes were found among over 100 progeny of top3alpha+/- intercrosses. Examination of embryos dissected from decidual swellings and in vitro culturing of blastocysts from top3alpha+/- intercrosses showed that implantation of top3alpha-/- embryos and the induction of decidualization could occur, but viability of these embryos was severely compromised at an early stage of development. The requirement of mouse DNA topoisomerase IIIalpha during early embryogenesis is discussed in terms of its plausible role in chromosome replication and its interaction with the RecQ/SGS1 family of DNA helicases, whose members include the Bloom's syndrome and the Werner's syndrome gene products.[1]


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